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Guntur Timur

Guntur Timur; After he graduated from Visual Art-Postgraduate Program at Institut Teknologi Bandung in 2017, He flew to Southern China to seek a new artist and educator experience. Later at the same moment, he decided to join up with one of the Vanke’s schools in Shenzhen as a Visual Arts teacher and instructor. China is a new place where he found another life-changing experience as he has been through a decade ago in Pakistan during his Artist Residency Program at the University of Karachi. His interest is always lying on oil painting as the starting point of his ideas and medium’s exploration. He studied compositional arrangement in painting from the late Umi Dachlan at the beginning of the 2nd millennium. In his last three exhibitions in China and Indonesia, he focused his attention on his past interest, the tempera paint technique. But this time, his tempera is the egg-oil tempera; In which he feels that the tint helps him trail and develop his semi-opaque and semi-transparent painting further more.