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ArtSociates was an art and artist management enterprise established on 2007 by Andonowati as part of Foundation AB. Its principal objective is to promote Indonesian artists into a broader audiences, in national scope as well as the international sphere. In conjunction with that, as an entity it also sets its focus on creative industry management, aiming to create an art park that oversees the development and innovations in art and culture.

As a mean to that end, ArtSociates manages and nurtures its representative artists by strengthening the fundamentals to their intrinsic qualities. At the same time, it also sees the distribution of their artworks, while working on the improvement of their portfolios’ quality. Furthermore, ArtSociates actively seeks new and groundbreaking talents through their biennial award program, Bandung Contemporary Art Award.

The first programs of Artsociates were Bandung Initiatives, held in four installments throughout 2008 and 2009. In alignment to its main objective, it was an aid to artists from Bandung to gain a wider exposure from public. Bandung Initiatives were mainly curated by Rikrik Kusmara and Rizki A. Zaelani.

Bandung Initiatives were followed by Tisna Sanjaya’s solo exhibition in 2008. Titled Ideocracy: Rethinking the Regime of Etching, it was curated by Jim Supangkat and Rizi A. Zaelani. In the same year, the exhibition was awarded as the best exhibition of 2008. Afterwards in 2010, ArtSociates built Lawangwangi Creative Space for further augmenting the development in art and culture, also to provide a space for art exhibitions and events alike, in hope of becoming an art park and a center for art and culture advancements in the future.

Currently, ArtSociates is working on Poros Bandung project and a museum complex for maestros of Mazhab Bandung.