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Halimun (the Mist): A Reflection Upon The Development of Indonesian Contemporarya Art

Halimun: A Reflection Upon The Development of Indonesian Contemporary Art was an inauguration exhibition of Lawangwangi Creative Space. It presented signs and evidence of mannerism in visual arts, as well as pondered the attitude towards the contemporary construction of nowadays art. This exhibition was curated by Rifky Effendi and invited 50 Indonesian artists. Aptly titled Halimun - or the “mist” - this exhibition saw an allusion to mannerism having a presence of the mist: an enshrouding haze, obscures one’s vision, while not completely concealing what’s behind it. Likewise, mannerism is an artistic style which creates layers of signs and symbols in its artworks. And so the artworks and the artists involved were broad and diversified in variation of styles and artistic approaches. New realism paintings by Maryam Sofrina, Erik Pauhrizi, and Cecep M. Taufik, for example, articulated identities propelled by the circumstances of media in the global era, while works of Tisna Sanjaya, Isa Perkasa, and R.E. Hartanto created a gap between us and reality, inviting the audience to reflect on our surroundings. Herra Pahlasari, Prilla Tania, Yusuf Ismail, and Tromarama presented new media artworks referring to their own personal narration; whereas three-dimensional works by Wiyoga Muhardanto, Erwin Windu Pranata, and Faisal Habibi showed gestures of the renewed spirit in sculpture art.