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Open P.O. - Art Jakarta Virtual 2020

Open P.O. is an alternative platform for collecting artwork by pre-order or commission work. Through this project, we try to offer an efficient and mutually beneficial transaction system between the artist and the collector.

The theme of the Open P.O. project this time is "Home". This theme was inspired by the pandemic conditions that require us to restrict activities and social contacts, so we have to stay at home more. As a place to live, a home has many stories and memories, so that's why this issue is interesting to be used as the Open P.O. project theme this time.

With an interactive method of art-making, we invite collectors to share stories about anything related to family and home, which the artist will respond to become an artwork. We try to present valuable artwork that have a connection with you and your family.

Please visit our virtual booth at the Art Jakarta Virtual event which can be accessed publicly via

For more information, please visit our website at or contact:
Jessica 082121-058-533

Open PO by Omnispace - an alternative model for artworks selling