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Eldwin Pradipta

Eldwin Pradipta was born in Jakarta, 1990. He graduated from Faculty of Art & Design, Institut Teknologi Bandung, majoring in Intermedia Art Studio and currently resides in Bandung, Indonesia. His works mainly explore video and digital projection as the medium. For Eldwin, new media has an interesting position in diverting high art and low art distinction.

His works concentrated on the subject of populist or low art in Indonesia, in juxtaposition and dichotomized with objects and praxis of high art. People's life is also one of the backgrounds and recurring themes in several of his works. Through the before-mentioned perspective, Eldwin puts forward the disjuncture and ruptures in the order of things in daily life in Indonesia as a third world country.

The most recent development of his work is how he explores issues concerning rules and systems which occur in the contemporary art world. Using satirical languages in his work, Eldwin tries to criticize various aspects of the art world that he discovers as the reason for limitation for artists, audiences, artwork, and all other parties in the contemporary art world.

In the later years, he is selected as one of the finalists for the 4th BaCAA in 2015. Eldwin also took part in the Indonesia Art Award 2015 by Yayasan Seni Rupa Indonesia. In 2016, he joined several groups shows such as A.S.A.P.- New Contemporary Artist from Indonesia at the G13 Gallery Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & "Stills in Action," Video Stage at Art Stage- Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. He later joined the "South East Asia Forum" in Art Stage Singapore, Fantasy Island in Objectificts, Center for Film and Photography- Singapore 2017. His works were involved in the 2018 Manifesto 6.0: Multipolar at the National Gallery- Jakarta, Indonesia, and Beyond painting: Extend the Boundaries- Art Expo Malaysia, 2019.