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Bandung Contemporary Art Awards #4

Transforming into a bi-annual award, BaCAA #4 was held in 2015 with winning works “Mengenang Khem” by Harits Rasyid Paramatasya, “Titik Balik Project” by Aliansyah Chaniago, and Muhammad Vilhamy’s “BAJ (Belum Ada Judul).” Paramasatya became the youngest winner in the award’s history. Together with Vilhamy they reflect BaCAA’s mission in recognising the talents of Indonesia’s new generation of artists into the future. The critical quality found in the three works play a pivotal role in BaCAA #4’s awarding; whether in Paramastya’s scope on diversity, LGBT and mass identity; Vilhamy’s critic on the paradigm of contemporary art; and Chaniago’s perspective on shared and oral history, and the environment.