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Budi Adi Nugroho

Born in Pare-Pare, Indonesia. Finished his Bachelor (2005) and Master (2009) in Art and Design Faculty, Institut Teknologi Bandung. From 2015, he continued a Doctoral degree in the same Institute where he has also worked as a permanent lecturer since 2012.

Start as an artist who likes to use a popular icon such as superheroes, comics, and daily life objects to transform into a visual language that has a new meaning to the present.

Then he realized his focus on bringing art closer to the general public; various methods used to present works of art that can be enjoyed and understood by the public, relational art chosen in line with doctoral research programs. Artist does not become the main individual, but instead becomes a complementary part of the public and his space to produce a complete work.

Site-specific project in Dago Pakar area (Bandung, 2007), a series of semionaut artwork in Soemardja Gallery (Bandung, 2011) and Ambiente Gallery (Jakarta, 2011), and 24/7 site-specific installation in Platform3 Gallery (Bandung, 2017) is a list of his solo exhibition. Budi had been involved in such residency projects such as ZK/U (Berlin, 2014), Ashiya Gallery/Barehands Project (Fukuoka, 2016), MIA/Barehands Project (Kuala Lumpur 2017) and Ichihanari Art Project (Okinawa, 2017). He also had nominated in Indonesian art competition such as the Indonesian Art Award (2008 & 2013), Bandung Contemporary Art Award (2011 & 2015), and 3rd prize winner at Salihara Trimatra Competition (2014).