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Nurrachmat Widyasena

Nurrachmat Widyasena (born 1990) is an Indonesian artist who lives and works in Bandung, Indonesia—majoring in printmaking arts at ITB Faculty of Art and Design.

His works explore notions around retro-futurism art, where he tries to stand in the crossroad of reality and fantasy. Positioned himself as a stupid third-world Asian that celebrates the spirit of the Space Age, in a comedic and satiric way, he tries to recall the “old but forgotten Space Age ideas” about the utopian dreams where which is then represented in the form of art. Using paintings, installation, metal plates, pipes, wood, and found objects, he reconstructed his artworks with a simple and unsophisticated technical approach. Even though he talks about futuristic things, using low-tech methods instead of his works becomes a critical representation of Indonesia’s technological achievements.

Nurrachmat believes that futuristic themes and Sci-Fi won’t just give advancement in technology alone. He saw how the Space Age, with the help of technology and science, tried to sharpen, update, and establish both culturally and politically of the future dream of humankind to live better globally.