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Every city has it's own history, a civilization in the world that grows old, with people creates lots of signals by their own minds represents their era, produces the abstractions of the city and shapes the people today behaviour on "do's and dont's". When time passes by, all the products of the city become old, mostly buildings become artifacts priceless from the past, with the complex signs on it, it is simply easy to be forgotten what's the meaning of it and what is important to contemporary people, should it decay naturally? should it be preserved? should it be praised? should it be displayed? we saw it as bodyparts without a body, should we carved our name on it so it will be preserved in the future? should we remember all of these important stories? There are so many questions, like how do we questioned the old decorations and signs on the old structures & objects that spread on the city. Lumiere is how the process of growing, and leaving traces from the beginning into the end, how the journey of light from the sun that shines all the civilization's traces on what we see today and how do we related to it by reminiscence.