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Art Expo Malaysia 2019: Beyond Painting-Extend the Boundaries

Although it is frequently stated that contemporary art has little to no medium restrictions—as anything can be a work of art—painting remains one of the most popular mediums. In fact, within the realm of contemporary art, painting arguably has experienced a revival. Because contemporary painting does not hold underlying ideology, basic principles, and standards of aesthetic quality, painting has evolved and diversified into many forms. This showcase, Beyond Painting: Extend the Boundaries, presents six artists whose works relate mutually with painting discourses. They are Eldwin Pradipta, Etza Meisyara, Mujahidin Nurahman, Patriot Mukmin, Rendy Raka Pramudya, and Restu Taufik Akbar. It may seem farfetched to call their artworks “painting”, but in spite of appearance, they employ its core notions. In other words, we hope that the works in this exhibition will spark contemporary thought and painting discourse, so painters will not stagnate in the comfort zone of painting and learn to question and look for new possibilities in painting. Isn’t this a perfect opportunity to break through, and explore every option of painting in the contemporary art scene?