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Irman A. Rahman

Irman Anas Rahman was born in Bandung on July 16, 1970. He gained knowledge of fine arts by self-taught; Until now, Irman is actively making artwork and exhibiting. Some of the awards that have been received by Irman are The Big Five of Philip Morris Indonesian Art Awards (1998), The Big Five of Winsor and Newton Indonesian Art Awards (2001), The Best Ten of Philip Morris Indonesian Art Awards (2011). Irman's solo exhibition consists of "Index of Signi," CG ArtSpace, Jakarta, Indonesia (2005) and "Notabilia", Selasar Soenaryo Art Space (Bale Tonggoh), Bandung, Indonesia (2008). He is also involved in group exhibitions, some of which are: "Interpellation CP Open Bienalle", National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia (2003), "21st Asian International Art Exhibition", Singapore Museum of Art, Singapore, Singapore (2006) and "HALIMUN the mist," Lawangwangi Art & Science Estate, Bandung, Indonesia (2010).