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Sigit Ramadhan

Sigit Ramadhan (b. Bandung, 1989) work mostly with printmaking in his art-making process. His final project for a Bachelor's Degree in Art Education Department, Indonesia University of Education, is one of my first batch exploration in printmaking as a medium. He made 676 pieces of woodcut print (2 edition each), photographed it, and then edited in video maker software resulting in 3 mins and 51 secs stop motion video, pushing the conventional printmaking to alternate presentation in the new media era.

His exploration in printmaking, especially woodcut print methods, deepened its historical journey when he educated in the Postgraduate School of Bandung Institute of Technology. He's further looking back to the Baroque Era, which has a distinction in style, moreover its technique. Putting a lot of interest in reducing the woodcut print method, the logic and the effort to make this kind of work satisfy him after finishing a project. Socio-Political themes have been his tendencies for the last five years, trying to express his thought about the ideal socio-political-life with a parodical, even satirical image of printmaking works.

For him, printmaking is a medium to communicate simultaneously with a large number of people.