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Deka Dermawan

Anissa Dermawan K.-often called Deka Dermawan- was born in Bandung, on November 1994. Deka completed undergraduate education at ITB FSRD by taking a Fine Art study program and pursuing her artwork in the painting studio. Deka has an interest in color exploration. She visualized with delicate brush strokes to form house interior alike and items of domestic goods in the kitchen through photos taken directly from the place she visited and printed by herself. Her observation began with an interest in color enough to influence her work until the final assignment's and nowadays works. In the "Camouflage" series (consisting of 8 monochromatic and polychromatic canvases, where only one color is used in one canvas,) Deka chooses a similar shade at the same chroma and level. As for the other interest in color classification, Deka began trying to study colors with very low saturation, color fading on product packaging, banners, and the object fading color around the street. She currently works as an illustrator and motion graphic for daily content in a bag product's company while trying to make some exploration studies for other artworks.