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ALCHEMIST refers to my love adventures in foreign lands where rustique landscape and the scent of age old buildings evoked in my sense of undefined melancholy. At September and December 2018, there was a natural disaster of tsunami and earth quake in Palu and Selat Sunda, Indonesia. The Idea of the sea is taking into a deep meaning as beauty and tragedy at the same time. I went to the sea dipped the photographs of the scenery and disaster on the copper plate. By the time, the copper plate is oxidised by the sea salt and ammoniac. The greenish blue hue that marks these etching refer to my feeling at that time. It is a hue that is not coloured on the plates, but emerged as a result of chemical liquid predestined to touch on several points of the copper plate. Disclosure of sadness, feeling of emotion, or pain that cannot be fully controlled, it becomes metaphor as negatively charged in the oxidation process. The essence of this art work delivers humanistic nuances in favour of the existence of human beings to involved in the feeling of melancholia.