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Art Stage Singapore 2016: Chamber of God

"In Islam, Moslems seek for God in History"-Karen Armstrong, 2001 "Chamber of God" series of works transformed into a concise installation of a Middle Eastern style praying room-which enclosed in a dark room with a room partition complemented with several Arabesque pattern artwork, meticulously cut in a paper medium. Between the geometrical motives, the spectator's sights are directed into a hanging masked figure and archives photos installation, as a tribute to the world war II. The installation allows visitors to experience the provoking ambiance up close, for the elements and symbols inside the space signify war and conflict. Embodying the concept, Mujahidin's installation alters a contemplation room to re-think about the danger and terror of blind belief and radical religion which exists to the point of disrupting peace and society. Space turned out to be a "Chamber of God," surrounded by hidden icons and meaningful religion symbols within God's oeuvre. Throughout the work, Mujahidin tried to offer a possibility to wider viewer's point of view of religion problems he felt and experienced in daily life.