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Art Fair Tokyo 2017: The Black Gold

Can we live in peace notwithstanding our difference in race, religion, and geographic location? Can we be such human beings, or would we rather be non-human that must live in conflict and violence? Mujahidin's works use symbols, give impression of being anonymous, yet still familiar. For instance, the AK-47 weapon is used and shaped in a blooming flowers-to represent an icon of war, revolt and violence in the modern era. As numerous killing machines continues to produced and admired, their power also measured with a great accuracy: are they fitted to destroy concrete; demolish bridges, schools, hospitals, prayer houses? Will the machines effective enough to attack and will they be able to accurately hit the target? In this showcase, Mujahidin's worries and anxiety about the mass-produce of lethal weapons lay bare on the spectator's eye. The series of work meant to be contemplated, so we as human beings can appreciate each others' right and commited to end the violence and suffering towards others.