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Art Expo Malaysia 2018: Occidetalism-Asian Influences on Europe

The series "Occidentalism: Asian Influences on Europe" created based on the book entitled "Asia in the Making of Europe-Volume 1: The Century of Discover," written by Donald F. Lach in 1965. The book described Asian life and society derived from a vast survey in the sixteenth-century; it is also stated that the origin of Asia's images in European literature and art can be traced back to this book. Back then, Europe was spurred by the Renaissance era-encompassing literature, philosophy, art, music and other aspects of intellectual inquiry-commencing the period as the cultural rebirth. As we often perceives Europes, Asian, and African countries as mutually exclusive, the history had shown that none of the culture and civilization of all three is developed without influencing and be influenced with each other. The east and the west mixed back and forth; both changed the world and formidable to inspire until now.