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Truth, Lies & Senses

This solo exhibition by Mella Jaarsma was a conclusion to Lawangwangi’s programme sequence of 2012. Mella Jaarsma is well known in regards to her intricate artworks, with concerns ranging from the notions of identity, to local affairs, historical matters, anthropology, and migration issues. Truth, Lies, and Senses enlisted Enin Supriyanto as the curator. The dialogues between the curator and the artist, as well as their shared research and theoretical interests, were integral in the development of this exhibition and are included in its catalogue. Body and its sheath, its covering, are particularly prevalent in Mella’s works. Truth, Lies, and Senses revisited how bodily senses perceive truths that surround it. Moreover, this exhibition also explored the notion of how senses possess potentials to deceive itself and the world, yet they deliver us to the truth. Principally, this exhibition set its focus to vision as an affirmation and boundaries all at once in the world of art.