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Trajectory: A Decade of Lawangwangi

Trajectory involves 10 contemporary artists from across the generations: from those who have been active in the scene since the 1990s, to their younger, fledgling counterparts. The visual idioms—which previously were leaning more towards social-political problems—clearly have become more and more diverse as the 2000s began, displaying more open-minded and plural idioms. Heri Dono, Mella Jaarsma, and Tisna Sanjaya were the representatives of artists living and striving in the 1990s, for they had to endure many polemics and socio-political turbulence that shook the decade. While Heri Dono’s work acts as a parody of how technology can degrade humanity, Tisna responds to ideological issues that consume society, which has grown more problematic nowadays. Contrariwise, Mella Jaarsma—albeit conveying similar critiques—is much more sublime in her methods. She refers to “the other” in relational tensions: between self, body, power, and humanity.

Seven other distinctive artists to represent the plurality in the 2000s contemporary art were Arin Dwihartanto, Tromarama, Eddy Susanto, Mujahidin Nurrahman, Etza Meisyara, Jim Allen Abel, and Bandu Darmawan. There are three important points worth mentioning if we were to discuss their art practices: medium expansion, new media art explorations, and image representation constructed with “text” configuration.

This exhibition celebrates a decade anniversary of Lawangwangi Creative Space, which managed by ArtSociates, and should be held at the end of March 2020, but postponed for the shared advantage in overcoming the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, ArtSociates emphasize an online spectacle so that the public can continue to enjoy and appreciate our program from home. On this occasion, we will present the best contemporary Indonesian artists who have ever contributed together with ArtSociates.

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