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Usually a work is created based on the personal experiences of the artist in the surrounding world. This is the case for Restu. For Restu, there is a unique and impressionable experience that he receives at certain locations, especially in nature. he receives a unique experience in the forest - in simplest words, a calm and peaceful feeling - a feeling of sublime. When asked about it, Restu may be at odds to explain it in length. Something experienced may be difficult to describe. Yet clearly, Restu does not experience the forest as merely a collection of trees, buhes, animals, streams and so on.

Rendy is not so different, either. He also has experiences that are unique to him, in how he handles empty spaces. It might not actually be a completely empty room at the start. The experience begins when he is faced with a dark room, which makes him uncomfortable. This condition “demands” him to know what is inside that space, his curiosity arising. Naturally, a dark space is not always an empty space, yet this curiosity that “demands” a presence of something within a space, causes Rendy to interact with dark and empty spaces in a similar fashion.

Both experiences are the background of the works by Restu and Rendy in this current project. It is not that other experiences are not important, but these two experiences may feel more unique and specific. Both of these ‘mental experiences’ - experiences that involve perception, thought, emotion, memory and imagination - become the experiences that they go through in each of their “inner worlds”. It is not strange for contemplation and total comprehension to be involved in such a process.