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Eddy Susanto Solo Exhibition. The Allegory: Java of Dante

The Allegory: Java of Dante is the first Italian solo show of Eddy Susanto, in parallel with the 59th edition of the Venice Biennale. Eddy Susanto is renowned to create multi-layered artworks, based on in-depth and almost scholarly research into pockets of culture between the East and the West. For his new series presented at GAD, Susanto engages again in a research-led project, based both on iconographic research and a text-based comparative study. He draws comparisons between the representations of hell on the reliefs of the Borobudur Temple, relating to the core of Buddhism, and representing the hell and the afterlife according to the Javanese, and the illustrations Dante’s Divine Comedy over the years, from the most famous engravings of Gustave Dorè, to the lesser-known Giuseppe Bossi. The Allegory: Java of Dante is part GAD’s program “Humanabilia from Mirabilis to Techne,” which constitutes a composite collective travel diary narrated through the proposals of different international curators and the works over 50 artists, referring to different times and traditions from East to West.