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Wilman Hermana

Wilman Hermana (born in Bandung, February 1), a.k.a @osmenoswer, is an artist and educator who is actively working and based in Bandung. For approximately 15 years, he has been actively working with various materials with a media focus on three-dimensional works. He completed undergraduate studies at Sculpture Studio, Fine Arts Study Program, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design ITB 2007. After graduating, Wilman accompanied Nyoman Nuarta, a senior sculpture artist in Bandung, for about two years. As well as being active in his work, Wilman also cares about the issue of art education for children at the formal level, which he thinks is less than ideal in Indonesia. He then opened an educational room called SemAta Gallery, which focuses on teaching interactive art that widely introduces art to children and adolescents.

Wilman resumed his master's degree in the same department at the Postgraduate School, ITB, in 2015. After graduating at the master's level, he returned to actively participating as an artist, educator at the formal and informal levels, and as an exhibition organizer to date. In the span of his career, Wilman has worked on commissions of public sculptures such as Patung Sepeda (Bicycle Sculpture) in Cimahi, Sisingaan Statue, and Patung Nanas (Pineapple Statue) in Subang.