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Septian Harriyoga

Septian Harriyoga is an artist born in Jakarta in 1977. He currently resides in Bandung, West Java, and completed education at the Sculpture Department, Faculty of Art and Design, ITB, in 2004. His sculptures are made from andesite stone, steel, aluminum, and duralumin. He places great emphasis on the process of creation, an essential aspect of the workshop/studio tradition. He enjoys cleaving stones, cutting duralumin, shaping them, smoothing, and polishing them. Thus, his sculptures appear highly refined, but at the same time still playing with many form-related associations.

In addition to sparking various interpretations, these forms become part of Septian's explorations into kinetic art, a genre that is currently drawing Indonesia's contemporary artists' interest. Light and levitated forms, and forms replete with curves but devoid of angles; they imply that specific forces are at work in his sculptures.