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Piyatat Hemmatat

Piyatat Hemmatat was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1976. At the age of 14, he moved to Devon, England to complete his secondary education. He then focused his increasing passion for experimental arts by earning a Bachelor’s degree in fine art from City & Guild London art school (1999 – 2001), followed by a Master’s degree in visual art from Chelsea College of Art & Design (2002). Piyatat gained considerable practical experience while working at a design studio (2004-2007) in London. In 2007 Piyatat returned to Thailand and established his own eponymous studio and founded RMA Institute (2009 – 2019), a creative space exhibiting emerging, regional and international photography as well as other media. His community project eventually evolved into PhotoBangkok, Bangkok’s first homegrown International Photography Festival, which he founded (2015 – present). Piyatat’s multimedia explorations in Photography, Sculpting, and Video Installation encompass a variety of narratives – from socio-political commentary, faith, spirituality, and abstract experimentation to groundbreaking conceptual photography – and have been continually published and exhibited both locally and internationally. He is recognized for his experimental works, combining ideas of beauty, nature, cultures, science, technology, and mystery.