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Mathilde Lefort

Mathilde Lefort, born in 1992 in Montpellier, France, is a French artist and shaman based in Bali. Holder of a Master's Degree at EHESS Paris (France), Mathilde is specialized in war representations and human rights. In parallel with her theoretical studies, she developed an artistic practice around these questions. Using art video, installation, and visual publications, she exhibited her work both in Paris and across Europe. Going back to New Caledonia, she lived in total immersion in a tribe located in the north of the island from 2017 to 2019. There she co-direct EDEN TRIBAL, 52 min documentary produced by Box Fish Productions and sold to France Television. Rejected by the community, Mathilde captured empty landscapes and wrote the ambulations of her mind to reflect on her loss of identity, the meaning of love, the woman’s place, racism, and colonialism. Now in Bali, she follows an unpredictable journey intertwining art, death, and magic. Stabbed to death in 2020, she officiates today as a shaman while crafting abstract paintings and sculptures rooted in mystical knowledge. Her art presents itself as a meditation tool for empowerment.