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Krisna "Ncis" Trisila Satmoko

Frequently seen with the call "Cheese" or "Ncis". Born in Bandung in November, he began enjoying photography since he was in elementary school (in '78) and self-taught himself to explore the world of photography. To this day, he still does photo shoots for both commercial and personal projects, and sometimes teaches as a guest lecturer. In the early 1980s, he was assigned by UNSRAT in Manado to cover the activities of the Wallace Expedition and joined with Alain Compost and several photographers from the BBC to shoot films and photograph the flora and fauna around Dumoga Bone and Tangkoko Batu Angus, North Sulawesi. When he studied at IKJ in 1986–1987, on the advice of a lecturer, he did not continue his studies because at that time film was sluggish and, in his opinion, it was more suitable to study analog still photography. Enjoy experimenting with black and white film and washing prints in a dark room. Proficiency in the darkroom led Ncis to become an illustrator and photographer at Tiara magazine/Gramedia Group, helping the needs of photo editor Ray Bachtiar. For Ncis, all photos are a scene, and whatever it is if the light is good, it will be interesting to capture. This "CofCis" series is a personal project that started as a fad to start his daily journal on social media's "Instagram" (@saicis) and has been running since 2011. The shooting stage ends in 2018. Every day, a photo of a cup of coffee is shared on Instagram and the whole process, from the photo shoot to the editing process, is only done on a small gadget, the iPhone. Project "Jelem ti Artisan" (2011–2013) is a new project that is being worked on for the exhibition and the photo book. In addition to the two projects above, there are many other themes, such as Dua, Panto, Gembok, Parkir Vespa, Barang Pribadi, and Tinggal di Rumah. In his opinion, a photographer is obligated to make a project, because then his skills as a photographer can continue to be honed as long as the light is still there.