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Iwan Yusuf

Despite having a talent for painting since childhood, becoming an artist was not an imagined dream until at the age of 17 when Iwan read the artist's biography of the late Widayat and his museum in a magazine. His profile is very open and directs him to a way of life with a profession as a painter.

In the last 4-5 years, Iwan has just realized that the tendency to choose the object of his portrait painting is primarily male, predominantly middle-aged, in a reasonably long period. The subconscious mind had strongly driven this about losing a father figure when Iwan was 5. This memory is beneficial when working on a portrait hyperrealism painting so that it lasts a long time if there is a dialogue with the object being painted. The face is also in the understanding of physiognomy, like a book that is open to reading various kinds of life stories implied in one's wrinkles. For Iwan, painting hyperrealism portraits of men is an expression of longing for a father figure that has never been revealed.