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Ay Tjoe Christine

INA, INA, 1979
Known through her penchant for strong depiction of emotions and philosophical themes in her works, Ay Tjoe Christine is an artist who lives and works in her birth town Bandung. She attempts to translate her scrutiny towards certain human conditions into deeply visceral visual abstraction, resulting in cathartic intaglio prints, painting, drawing, and even installations. Ay Tjoe Christine has participated in numerous exhibitions across the world, including Reach Me (Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta, 2002), Scope Miami Art Fair (2008), Myriad of ‘Paste’ (Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo, 2013), and Inside the White Cube (London, 2016), among others. She also has won several awards, such as Phillip Morris Indonesian Art Award (2001) and SCMP Art Future Prize Winner, Hong Kong Art Fair (2009). In 2010, she collaborated with ArtSociates and Deden Sambas for her solo exhibition Lama Sabakhtani Club.