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Eddy Susanto

Lives and works in Yogyakarta, Eddy Susanto, is one of ArtSociates's most important artists. His artworks are research-based, exploring the notions of historical narratives and the development of identity. They portray fragments of local history parallel to the world's history, interpolating the East's cultural identity into the historical elements of the West.

Eddy's paintings are mostly incorporating Javanese passages in its native hanacaraka script, taken from several important Javanese works of literature. His series of Sembilan Mata Hari Centhini (2012), for example, was created around the analogy found between the character of Mata Hari and the dance movements described in Serat Centhini. His works titled Java of Dürer (2011) – the artwork that earned him the accolade of Bandung Contemporary Art Award #2 – replace Albrecht Dürer's engraved lines with passages from Babad Tanah Jawi.