In 2007, Andonowati founded ArtSociates, an art management entity, as part of Foundation AB. ArtSociates was meant to be a vehicle to promote Indonesian Artists to International Audiences. Soon afterward, in December 2008, ArtSociates organized Solo Exhibition of Tisna Sanjaya entitled Ideocracy - Rethinking the Regime of Etching, curated by Jim Supangkat & Rizki A. Zaelani. The Show took place in the Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta, occupying the Main Hall as well as the Side Hall. The Exhibition was granted as the best exhibition of 2008 by renowned Indonesian Magazine Tempo and Tisna Sanjaya was awarded as the Artist of the Year 2008.

In January 2010, ArtSociated finally had a home, The Art and Science Estate Lawangwangi where an Art Gallery was located. The Gallery was inaugurated by a Group Exhibition, entitled Halimun – The Mist: A Reflection upon the development of Indonesian Contemporary Art curated by Rifky Effendy with an essay written by Agung Hujatnikajennong. The Exhibition showed works from many artists and artist groups, established and emerging, among them were Mella Jaarsma, Gede Mahendra Yasa, Tromarama.

The second Exhibition held at Lawangwangi was a Solo Exhibition of Ay Tjoe Christine [assisted by Deden Sambas for one of its installation] entitled Lama Sabakhtani Club, April 2010. Soon after, ArtSociates, arranged the visit of Ay Tjoe Christine to Europe.

Among the achievement of ArtSociates and Lawangwangi is the formation of Bandung Contemporary Art Award [BaCAA], founded in 2010, BaCAA is an Art Award for emerging Indonesian artists that encourages participants to create genuine artworks represented in non-conventional media. BaCAA winners get chances to work and exhibit abroad.

Later, in November 2012, Lawangwangi was rebranded as Lawangwangi Creative Space where Art Gallery and Design Space are hosted in the same building. Meanwhile, the Science Institute, LabMath Indonesia, recieved an independent building beside Lawangwangi. An exhibition held on 3 to 25 November 2012 entitled Design/Art: Renegotiating Boundaries marked the conversion of Lawangwangi.

As a part of ArtSociates, Recently Andonowati initiated Bandung Short Movie Festival as a platform for promoting short movies to expess contemporary issues aiming to formation of a venture in short movie industry.

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