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ArtSociates Indonesia was established in 2007 with the vision to contribute on promoting talented artists at International level. At the early stage, ArtSociates focuses on promoting artists that fall into two categories. These are young prospective artists and good portfolio artists. 

ArtSociates will in general invest on such artists in some period between 3 to 5 years. This investment will mostly be allocated in developing the careers of young talented artists or to create a possible break-through for good portfolio artists to enter international exposures and market. The awareness of art players as well as collectors on artists' portfolios will be part of the targets for such an investment.

The choices of the artists are based on tight selection process through studying the portfolios, the attitude of the artists, the market feasibility and others. Several tools for such selections are being developed.  Investment fund at the current stage is mostly allocated by the founder. In the future, when a good investment model will be developed, ArtSocaites will welcome the outsiders to invest on such a venture.

ARTSociates' activities include the following.
  • Artists. ArtSociates is open to  make  agreements with selected artists about support and partial management of the artists’ career for a certain period between 2 to 5 years
  • Art collectors. ArtSociates supports art collectors to obtain the desired high-quality artworks.
  • Galleries, auction houses, art managers. ArtSociates welcomes collaboration with galleries, auction houses, art managers and event organizers.
  • Exhibitions. ArtSociates conducts art exhibitions as experimental and market oriented events.
  • ARTspaces. ArtSociates is hosted in several locations: Lawangwangi (Bandung), Joglo Seni ARTSociates (Jogjakarta). We are in process to establish our representation in Europe.